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Parks’ contributions to the community

McGill Park is part of the City of Canal Winchester leaders’ vision for a better community. Did you know that parks actually have a huge economic impact? The economic benefits of parks are direct and indirect, from tourism and property value to stormwater management and community cohesion.

Parks generate savings and income!

  • Neighborhoods surrounding parks can see an increase of 5% in their property values. Studies show buyers take parks and recreation activities into account when purchasing a home.
  • Parks generate income. At McGill Park, we anticipate soccer and baseball games and tournaments that will bring in folks from around the region, who will eat at the concession stand or even stay overnightand shop in our city.
  • Park trees and greenery absorb pollutants that damage our respiratory and cardiovascular systems (resulting in lower pollution-related healthcare and maintenance costs).
  • Parks act as absorbent spaces for rainwater, reducing the load on city systems and saving money. Stormwater management is a significant cost for cities.
  • A city with more green space is a healthier city. Parks help to reduce several negative health outcomes, including general stress and conditions prevented or reduced by physical activity. Exposure to green space helps to reduce ADD/ADHD (and generally increase focus), lower blood pressure, expedite medical recovery, improve mood and sleep, and boost immune systems.
  • Parks can encourage everyone to creation of or enhanced access to places for physical activity combined with informational outreach produced a 48.4 percent increase in the frequency of physical activity. (Hint: Our website is engaging in the “informational outreach”!)

The research on city parks indicates that every dollar spent on parks and recreation yields $20.84 worth of economic benefits in these ways and many more.

Let us know whether you would use the sports fields…the kayak access to Little Walnut Creek…the inclusive playground…the walking trails…and other McGill Park amenities!