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Phase One!

Wonder what’s going on now for the new McGill Park?

We’re in Phase One!

Phase One of the new McGill Park will feature four U-15 soccer fields, a new three-season pavilion, a nature playground, asphalt multi-use trails, and parking—all with ADA accessibility.


Four Soccer Fields

Soccer is a popular sport in Canal Winchester, and our kids have been using churchyards or school lawns to practice. We can do better! McGill Park will include four U-15 soccer field, featuring a shelter house between the fields for use by teams and spectators as a place to gather or shelter themselves from the weather. These fields can also host younger soccer leagues ranging from U-7 to U-15, and they’ll accommodate intermural teams and potential tournaments! They can also be divided further to allow for up to eight fields for younger players.

Three-Season Pavilion

The new three-season pavilion will offer rentable space to residents and park users for birthday parties, family reunions, and other events. We’ll build it adjacent to the existing farmhouse that we’ll re-purposed in a later phase. Located in the northwest section of the project, the pavilion and farmhouse will be centrally located upon the final buildout of the park allowing easy access to the spaces from the various areas of the park.

Nature Playground

The park’s nature playground is a unique design combining landscape elements, movement corridors, sun paths, weather patterns, drainage courses, and other site amenities. These carefully chosen features will offer safe, accessible, age-appropriate play and social learning opportunities! The playground equipment will be built to look as if the pieces had been in the park forever. Children of all ages will find this intriguing playground a place to unwind, have fun, and connect with nature in a safe and accessible environment.

Asphalt Multi-Use Trails

We listened to your feedback! Walking trails were requested by you as the most desired element in the new McGill Park, and these trails will be a key component in all three phases of construction. Asphalt multi-use trails will eventually connect all the features of McGill Park in both the project areas as well as throughout the entire 83.5 acres.


Essential to any park is easily accessible parking for visitors to utilize. The McGill Park project will feature two parking areas, each situated a short distance from the main attractions planned in Phase 1. The first will allow easy access to the nature playground, three seasons pavilion, and existing farmhouse and have approximately 65 spaces. The second, larger lot will boast approximately 104 spaces and be centrally located between the soccer fields and shelter house thereby allowing for easy access for participants, parents, and spectators a like. Later phases of construction will include the addition of a secondary entrance, also located off Lithopolis-Winchester Road, and additional parking throughout the park.

Americans with Disabilities Act Compliance

The City of Canal Winchester is committed to making all our parks accessible to all our residents. All areas within McGill Park will be ADA accessible and meet all standards and criteria. The parking lots will be connected to the asphalt multi-use trails thereby providing access to all the park’s features. Additionally, all walkways and trails that cross drive lanes will be marked with high visibility crosswalks. The three-season pavilion and future shelter houses will be fully accessible via flush pavement to and from the parking areas and the vehicular entrances will be clearly marked.